Chambòn von dem Eisvogel Foxearth High Frequency Foxearth Smooth Finish
Foxearth Antoc Firelight
Sweet Surrender Hogmanay Crystal Dalimattas Black Bossanova
Mabinogion Indian Sunshine
Sweet Surrender Fearless Sunshine Ch Mabinogion Indian Sunshine Ch Tanning Hattrick
Ch Si-si’s This Indian Summer
Ch Timonan Jonny Joker Ch.Tanning Epsom
Ch. Timonan’s Fiery Fiona
Sweet Surrender Neelix

– Ned. & Int. B. Lux Ch., BeNeLux W’15, W’13, NJK, FCI Cent JW’11
- HD-A, CEA/PRA Non-Carrier, DM Non-Carrier, MDR1 Affected, Haarlengte Homozygoot

Sweet Surrender Neelix

Neelix 7 weken jong

Sweet Surrender Neelix

Neelix 7 weken jong.





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